Since 2011, we have pushed to make this company what it is today. Martin Amar LLC is based off of engineering work ethics and a passion to help solve problems.


Our Mission

We aim to assist those who wish to turn a passion or hobby into something that can grow. If we aren’t physically working on a project with a client, we at least want to be able to motive and inspire. Being able to make something a reality is great, but being able to help spawn that next idea is just as amazing.

Business Consulting

  • We help you to start your business, assist in strategic decisions.

Website Management

  • Provide monthly website and e-commerce management to keep your website in good health.

Website Design

  • Design and build a website for personal, business, e-commerce, SEO.


  • Naming your business or product, logo design, label design, visual marketing.

You know for a fact that you are insanely amazing at that awesome hobby or passion that you have tucked away. Let it loose!
— Anthony Doy, Founder & CEO

Core Values

  • Treat every project as if it were our own.

  • Integrity.

  • Good vibes, only.

  • Always show respect and professionalism to our clients and potential clients.

  • Quality.