Success comes in many different forms. At times, the perception of it reminds me of a song or a piece of artwork. I see it this way because success can always be interpreted and felt in a variety of ways. As humans, we thirst for encounters like this.

The chase to great success, or any success, can be rewarding. Within those instances where you “think” it’s difficult is where the magic happens. I think the level of difficulty is a direct correlation to the level of faith and energy you put in. That’s when you grow and strengthen physically, mentally, and spiritually. You don’t always realize it while in the moment.

How much do you really believe in yourself? Success first starts as a thought. That means that you already have the grit and determination within you before your journey even begins! Once you engage in nurturing that thought, life will line itself up to give you what you want. Or it may give you what's needed to set you up for something greater. Put in ALL of the effort necessary to see its fruition. If not, there is no point in going forward with it. And we all know that being a “regular” human being is boring. Become the un-boring!

During the process, if you are the only thing in the way of YOUR success, then you will either Win or Lose. Just like that. You’ll know if you are. All of the tools needed to advance to the next level will be within your reach…but you will simply do nothing and blame everything. Your goals will become nothing but a speck drifting through time and space, never really connecting. Add winning energy to that goal. Choose to WIN so that you can RULE as a master of yourself. Once you’ve mastered “yourself”, the possibilities of what you can do, will become overabundant.

Use any hardships as food and fuel.  Eat up obstacles and oppositions along their path. Do not become timid! If you're basking in fear, the only thing that will be devoured is YOU. The notion of giving up on obtaining that awesome feat you are after will literally eat you up inside. Get off your butt and put the work in! You were born to be amazing and it’s totally insane if you don’t act like it. Success can look like many things. However you envision it…go get it!


My soul found something to write about, with hopes that it will inspire or entertain another. Peace and blessings.
~ Anthony